Web development “All-in-One“

At DONE we tackle the three main issues of web design services: too many providers are keen on charging a lot at the start, but once the site is live, they do not offer follow-up services and finally, none of them offers content creation.

To date DONE has developed several “All-in-One“ web design solutions catering to all target groups, which include the following services: personalized approach to website creation, setting up social media accounts, maintaining up-to-date content and design, SEO and even hosting and professional email accounts, all at very competitive prices.


The six overriding principles to our corporate philosophy

No set up fee

DONE does not charge you for website development, the price (which is a monthly charge) is identical for all customers of the same service plan.

Best SEO techniques

For a website it is crucial to be properly represented on search engines, and DONE has significant expertise with the best SEO techniques.

Full service

DONE develops custom-tailored websites with full follow-up service. Anything from drafting content to image integration to even the execution of updates is carried out by our staff.

Keeping the content up-to-date

At DONE, we understand your website needs to be updated on a regular basis. Our team is keen to keep posting relevant news information on your site.

Great design

DONE’s Graphics Department takes pride in creating unique websites featuring high quality graphics.

Responsive websites

Websites designed by DONE are responsive; in other words, they automatically adjust to all media types, regardless of screen type or mobile device used.

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