The idea behind the unique concept of “Website as a Service” is to accompany the client on an ongoing basis. With that said, we believe that a website that is not properly maintained is like a neglected car, along with all the expected consequences. DONE’s range of services includes: Auditing, professional advising, support and continuous updating of a website and its content, with regular update implementations.

In this sense, DONE is ahead of any service provider, going in the opposite direction of mainstream competitors who keep building “turnkey” websites while charging their customers tens of thousands of euros and then leaving them to face challenges on their own. Thus, in absence of regular updates, a website quickly falls into the realm obsolete technology, graphics, and content. A website is the showroom of any business, and as such it plays a key role in terms of marketing and communication impact.

Whenever we approach a project, it is always handled with great diligence in accordance with our five-step process, as shown in the diagram below, and is always treated in a highly customized way.

The 5-step process chart

1. Audit & Strategy

Defining of the customer’s needs and requirements along with their input and Web development proposals.

4. Website deployment

Publishing the website and, depending on the solution selected, launching any social networks, E-commerce, publications...

2. Website design

Design of the website’s structure and creation of the layout with the customer’s feedback.

5. Maintenance

Updating and maintaining the site.

3. Customization and ``fine tuning``

Customization and “fine tuning”, meaning any small changes and/or modifications needed.

Our 4 main strengths

Web design that not only exceeds clients’ expectations but also meets the newest worldwide design standards.


In-house developed applications (plug-ins, extensions…) designed to best fit the clients’ needs.


High-quality content editing and revising to avoid discrepancies.


Continuous updates and publications on social media platforms.

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