A lot of companies and brands still do not have their own websites and are thus not represented online. This is detrimental to their growth and business development and the fact of the matter is most of this individuals aren’t even aware of this.

It is a fact that an active e-commerce website better promotes business and commercial traffic than those without online buying features. Product and category pages and regular news posting are great ways to animate a site, thus improving SEO efforts. This equates to a sizable advantage in terms of growth and search engine result rankings. This is why DONE developed a new range of tailored and automated e-commerce solutions.

The E-commerce packages will allow users to shift into higher gear and move from the store counter to online sales thanks to the integration of an automated product inventory and automated systems for placing and tracking orders.

Up until now selling online has been a painful task as it was constantly necessary to update inventory files, adjust prices or track invoices.

Our E-commerce solutions not only generate, send and track invoices, but also export them straight to the accountant. Sales trends, product suggestions as well as automatic newsletter tracking are just a few of the possibilities offered by these solutions.

Our Prices
In all packages included
  • $0/mo
    • No setup fee
    • Web design
    • Mobile design
    • Pictures
    • Content writing
    • Advanced consulting
    • Members area
    • SSD Hosting
    • SSL
    • Daily backups
    • Illimated basis of products linked to the suppliers
    • Storage management
    • Products configuration
    • Invoices generation
    • Delivery tracking
    • Financial data exports
    • Interactive sales platform
    • Preconfigurated products integration
    • Direct database synchronization with suppliers
    • Automated creation of products’ category
    • Advanced search function
    • Order/payment confirmation
    • Earnings export system
    • Payment gateaways configuration
    • Usage tutorial for the application
    • Customized invoice layout

E-commerce Starter
  • From

  • 899monthly*
    • 5 Business email accounts
    • Standard set of pages
    • Advanced on-page SEO
    • Limited updates
    • Unlimited changes
    • 2 social media accounts/pages set up
    • 1 API
    • 15.000 Euros revenue monthly
    • Google Adwords Starter package
    • Half-yearly in-depth website usage analysis & consulting oriented feedback
    • Full time support

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E-commerce Business
  • From

  • 1299monthly*
    • 10 Business email accounts
    • Bilingual
    • Extended content
    • Advanced on & off-page SEO
    • Extended updates
    • Unlimited changes
    • 3 social media accounts/pages set up
    • 2 API
    • 100.000 Euros revenue monthly
    • Google Adwords Business package
    • Three times a year in-depth website usage & consulting oriented feedback
    • Full time support

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E-commerce Professional

*ex VAT

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