Mobile applications

A mobile application is a software designed to be readable only on online devices. Mobile apps have been subject to a considerable growing success in a context where online traffic is nowadays primarily performed on mobile instruments rather than on computers. They also offer great advantages in comparison to mobile websites.

As a matter of fact, mobile apps not only ensure a permanent online presence on mobile devices, but also facilitate the user interaction through mobile instrument functionalities (GPS signals, camera, microphone, …), generate a more user-friendly platform, load much quicker, enable a direct interaction with the customer (via push notifications), and last but not least, commit to a permanent innovation approach.

These are some of the many assets that prompted DONE to offer this additional solution to its customers. The offer is intended to be combined with a standard package (One Pager, Business).

Apart from web-based mobile applications DONE also develops native applications which on one hand have all the advantages of the web-based apps, and on the other hand are completely independent from websites or computers. These applications offer unlimited possibilities and allow more expression of creativity.


Mobile web app

  • Dynamic website representation
  • Social media interaction
  • Interactive communication with the client
  • Product/pricing listing
  • Updates / year
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Native apps

  • Custom tailored app with specific functions or
    actions wich are defined in meetings with creation team
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