September 24, 2019

SEO: 16 tips for missing your natural referencing :-(

Google regularly publishes its "Quality Rater Guidelines", a 160-page summary of good SEO practices. We have read it for you and listed 16 signs that send a bad signal to Google.
September 5, 2019
article SEO problems

Indexation: help! My site does not appear in Google

If your site does not appear in Google's results, it is most certainly because it is not indexed or because it has been penalized. Code problem, page protection, misplaced meta noindex... we have identified for you the causes that can prevent a site from being fully or partially referenced.
May 25, 2019
Google sign

Google or simply a diversification

GOOGLE OR SIMPLY A DIVERSIFICATION News Google has never been talked about so much, and appears to consumers as increasingly ingenious and powerful in its diversification […]