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zitha aktiv
  • Fitness fir Kapp a Kierper
    ZithaAktiv offers in the Centre de la mémoire et de la mobilité a unique preventive counselling and training offer for senior citizensPrevention
    Our preventive training programs are accompanied by medical professionals

    Through diagnostic test procedures we determine your optimal training program according to your needs.

    Non-binding advice on health, age and quality of life in old age

    Through individual and continuous adaptation of the training to your performance, we aim for a higher quality of life in old age.

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    • Consulting, custom webdesign, development and integration, maintenance, SEO, content writing, hosting, updates, upgrades, statistical analysis.
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    • Recognition of the user’s language.
    • Distribution of news by newsletters (e-mails) and on social networks.
    • Provision of access to the residents of the residences (ZithaResidences) containing dedicated information.
    • DONE also developed the new marketing strategy, designed the corporate identity (logo/key images,…), design, content writing, integration, menu hierarchy development, media plan and digital marketing actions.
zitha aktiv