• Carpooling portal developed from May to July 2016 for a client based in Luxembourg, whose purpose is spontaneous and mutualist carpooling. The main (but not exclusive) target is partygoers who have consumed alcohol and are no longer able to drive.
  • Basic features :
    • Consulting, custom webdesign, development and integration, maintenance, SEO, content writing, hosting, updates, upgrades, statistical analysis.
  • Options and developments specific to this site:
    • Dynamic carpooling including multi-level networking and push notifications, accessible on app (Google Play Store and Apple Appstore) and Internet portal.
    • Real-time chat connection and transmission of geolocation data.
    • Dynamic card with automatic matching of passengers – drivers – drivers.
    • Continuous matching from request and offer registrations to maximize compatibility of referrals.
    • Dynamic mapping showing available routes (integrated with Google Maps API).
    • Visualization of the journeys made.
    • Evaluation system (ratings).
    • Automatic filtering of inappropriate comments.
    • Implementation of dynamic advertising banners based on Google AdSense Network.
    • In addition to the technical design of the project, DONE also participated in the development of the business model with the client.
    • DONE also developed a corporate identity, design, appropriate content, set up databases and ensured interaction in the app, published the app in the stores, and optimized the application stores (ASO).
    • DONE takes care of the technical follow-up of users, technical maintenance, content updates and hosting.