• Connect4impact helps people and organizations to better focus their efforts and increase their impact. It offers a space of challenges and in-depth work to grow and succeed. A space rich in creativity, lightness and humour.
    Connection and impact. Although my coaching work is always focused on you as a client, your goals and your agenda, it is based on two ideas that are at the heart of my approach: connection and impact. Through my experience as a company employee, as an artist, as a coach and, most importantly, as a human being, I have discovered that there is nothing more important than being connected: connected to yourself, your purpose, others, and the world around you. Use all your heart and mind. From this connection, you draw energy, clarity and power to create impact.
  • Basic features :
    • Consulting, custom webdesign, development and integration, maintenance, SEO, content writing, hosting, updates, upgrades, statistical analysis.