Allrad Daewel

  • Already in its second generation, Allrad-Daewel is THE contact in the extended catchment area of Rhineland-Palatinate and in Luxembourg when it comes to all-wheel drive. The offer of our company includes numerous automotive “delicacies” and focuses primarily on 4×4 vehicles of superior quality.Allrad-Daewel has been an authorised SUBARU dealer since 1983 and has built up a national reputation as a 4WD specialist. Our team has many years of experience in the field of all-wheel drive technology, which benefits our customers in the purchase of an all-wheel drive vehicle as well as in repair and maintenance services. Professional service, competent advice and high customer satisfaction are the basis of our success.
  • Basic features :
    • Consulting, custom webdesign, development and integration, maintenance, SEO, hosting, updates, upgrades, statistical analysis.
  • Special developments specific to this site:
    • Takeover of the visual identity of the parent company (Subaru).
    • Visualization of available models.
    • Integration of the manufacturer’s video streams.
    • Portal integration (used car platform).