DONE was founded by three IT experts who specialize in their respective areas of expertise: Tom, a website developer, Vitali, a software developer, and Ilja, a graphics & communication designer. During his first freelance assignments with different companies, Tom quickly realized that those customers who were trying to create content and maintain updates on their own were wasting their employees time who were not trained to handle these tasks and quite often produced poor results.

This is how he came up with the idea to associate himself with his two aforementioned business partners in order to propose a full service website service program called “Website as a Service”. This business model, being part of a unique niche strategy, comprises personalized web development and full management of a company’s website and its visibility on the Web.

Today DONE’s team is comprised of graphics designers and talented software engineers with vast experience in their fields of expertise, a new marketing and communication manager seasoned in “B-to-B” journalism, and various teams of worldwide-based freelance content writers.

The company’s client portfolio includes all types of companies, from startups to large enterprises to self-employed individuals, spanning all sectors of activities.


The founding members

Thomas Keipes


Vitali Marquart


Ilja Ionov


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