Graphic design

DONE’s graphics design team endeavours to meet highly specialised requirements in terms of graphics to always keep up with the times when offering websites, but also the design of customized web and print advertisements.

Corporate identity

Logotype, claw, symbol, font, colour and font size are several design elements that constitute a company’s visual branding, and enables it to be immediately identified on all its communication supports. DONE devotes itself to ensure the whole design process of the Corporate Identity by fully respecting the graphic chart, from the audit to the logo design, through the creation of the brand.



The notion that content is king becomes all the more relevant when it comes to organic referencing and internet marketing. This is why DONE offers copywriting services to all parties interested. Our copywriters endeavour to take care of SEO constraints, messages to be broadcasted and the users’ expectations.


Our programmers master all programming languages indispensable for the creation of websites. The website design process involves giving precise instructions to the computer, such as where to enclose the text, insert images, setup links between the web pages, etc.

Our programmers are at the service of our clients for their most complex requirements.



Both the complementarity between our teams and our expertise are meant to assist our customers in the process of digitalization of their activities, may it be regarding websites (re)design, referencing (organic or Adwords), communication on social media platforms, or more broadly regarding the development and the deployment of communication over the internet.

Digital Marketing

In order to not be overtaken by the competition, it is now crucial to master new channels of marketing and communication. Digital marketing encompasses a whole series of marketing techniques, such as natural search, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or social media optimisation, to name but a few.

DONE is working to analyse its customers’ needs in this area, before proposing a tailor-made action plan, usually in the form of a digital media plan, that best meets their expectation and objectives.


Social media management

With ever higher social media penetration rates in the professional sphere, the social web is booming and deserves special attention from companies in their dealings with customers, suppliers and the general public. How do you invest in social networks and use them wisely? How and when to write, publish and moderate? What message, what audience? DONE is dedicated to answering all these questions and to building and developing their clients’ long-term social network strategy.

Internet Solution

Internet and Web are often confused. The Internet is a vast set that comprises the Web, emails, instant messenger, to name just a few.

DONE provides a whole range of ancillary services – linked with the website core activity – to its clients, such as hosting, backups, domain names registration or professional email accounts.

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